The Simplicity of Joy

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The Simplicity of Joy

As I listened, watched, and played with my granddaughters, I’m amazed at the simplicity of joy.  It wells up from inside them so freely and abundantly.  Whether playing ball, helping Nana to bake a cake, or showering PaPa with hugs and kisses, their joy is unmistakeable.

I looked upon my wife and rejoiced in her, even as I sorrow because of the pain of her heart.  Most of all I rejoice in Christ, who has given such treasures to me.

Joy is not the opposite of sorrow: it accompanies it; it overcomes it.  Sorrow softly cries, Joy says “Behold the Lord.”  Sorrow weeps in anguish, Joy cries out “Behold the Lord.”  Sorrow writhes in pain, Joy comforts “Behold the Lord.”  Ever and always, with a whisper, with a shout, Joy proclaims  “Behold the Lord!”

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