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I did not see the erupting of Charlottesville–my wife had surgery and was in the hospital for a few days.  Since then it has inundated my Facebook feed and has disgusted me…and indicted me, but not in the way most may think.

Before our eyes we see a replay of national socialist (Nazi) and international communists (Antifa) violently fighting one another as they did in Germany decades ago.  Both groups possibly carefully herded by the police into certain confrontation with one another, followed by the same police standing idle as the inevitable occurred.  The whole putrid affair capped by a coward using his car as a weapon and the virulent denunciation of anyone who sees both groups as despicable.  Lastly, the scrambling of politicians of all stripes and levels to make a profit on the country coming apart.

I am disgusted by the groups.  I am disgusted by the police.  I am disgusted by the press.  I am disgusted by the politicians.  I am disgusted by…myself.   Sitting idle, I have watched things deteriorate in this country to the point that we are now in a civil war, one not yet hot only because no one has yet blown up Fort Sumpter.  A civil war that thus far has no heroes and no redeeming values, only kettles of vultures fighting over the rotten corpse of our nation.

No more.  By God’s grace He saved me and called me to the preaching of the Gospel.  I will live and if necessary die opposing the evil that stalks our land and declaring to my countrymen, my family, that our only hope is submission to King Jesus.

May God have mercy on us.

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