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How sweetly rings the bell of freedom, a nation has been born
Let tyrant fear and men rejoice, the Lord unsheathes His sword
To strike a blow at wickedness that rules from gilded throne
And shine His light across the land to take it for His own

How bitter is oppression’s price, which stained the nation’s clothes
With filth and shame of slavery etched on the backs of those
Who were not counted in the nation as men honorable and free
Blood shall be shed to wash that stain and bring all toward liberty

How boldly does the nation go to fight the enemies
Of freedom in those lands from whence it came to be
Twice returning to now foreign lands to fertilize the ground
With the blood of patriots in hope that freedom should abound

How costly is abundant wealth, when faith cannot be found
In hearts of men they say “God is dead!” and evil soon surrounds
The conscience of the land and sheds the blood of innocents
Mocking the valor of past men and all the blood that they had spent

Yet softly rings the bell of freedom in the hand of Providence
Calling this nation to return in humbleness and penitence
And be a beacon to the world of God’s abiding favor
In which He gave His only Son to be the nations Savior

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