America’s Problem

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America’s Problem

The root of America’s problem is this: God Is.  He exists and is the creator of all that exists.  Nothing in all creation makes sense except in the light that He is.  The bible never tries to prove God’s existence–there is no need to prove what is self-evident.  Every aspect, every minutae of creation declares that God is, shouting forth praise of His deity.  Since we carry the image of God, our own souls tell us of His existence.  However much we stop our ears and shout la la la into the air we can only suppress the truth not eliminate it.  Nor can we drown out the myriad voices singing of His glory.

Therefore we suppress the knowledge of God.  We numb ourselves with day to day living.  We use drudgery to beat ourselves senseless to His presence.  When that fails the ecstasy of excitement suffices to anaesthetize  any feelings of culpability and accountability for our hatred and rebellion.  Pursue achievement! Pursue pleasure!  Pursue knowledge! Pursue enlightenment! Self-actualization, self-sacrifice, self-absorption, something, anything, everything to avoid facing the one whose eyes are on us continually measuring the depravity of our hearts and minds, extending mercy  to us and restraining wrath until the day appointed.    We slap down payment of the most precious currency, time, to get another drink of self-centeredness, another hit of self-righteousness to blind us to the awful vision of the One before us.  The irony is that while we spend time in a mad hope to run from God, we accelerate faster and faster to our fateful meeting with God.

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