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Proverbs 24 on those who are evil.

Pro 24:1-2 ULB 1 Do not be envious of those who are evil, nor desire to associate with them, 2 because their hearts plot violence and their lips talk about trouble.

Pro 24:15-16 ULB 15 Do not lie in wait like the wicked person who attacks the house of the righteous person. Do not destroy his home! 16 For the righteous person falls down seven times and rises again, but wicked people are brought down by calamity.

Pro 24:19-20 ULB 19 Do not worry because of evildoers, and do not envy wicked people, 20 for the evil person has no future and the lamp of wicked people will go out.

Pro 24:21-22 ULB 21 Fear Yahweh, and fear the king, my son; do not associate with those who rebel against them, 22 for suddenly their disaster will come and who knows the extent of the destruction that will come from both of them?

Pro 24:24-25 ULB 24 Whoever says to the wicked person, “You are a righteous person,” will be cursed by peoples and hated by nations. 25 But those who discipline the wicked will have delight and gifts of goodness will come to them.

Lord, we ask for mercy on this nation and this people. We have no righteousness of our own to plead, only the mercy of Christ. Our enemies attack in the open and from the shadows. Lies and liars abound, overwhelming and obscuring the truth. Lord we have sinned against you for decades, complacently allowing evil to grow like cancer: idolatry, blasphemy, murder, theft, adultery, fornication, covetousness, and envy. We have stood by idly and ignored these in our midst and being taught to our children and now our sins overwhelm us. You are entirely just in bringing pestilence, war, and famine on us Lord. Our sin stinks to heaven. Yet I plead the blood of Christ. Grant us repentance and cleansing Lord. Restore us to a right standing before you. Convict us and forgive us Lord that we might live and praise you. Protect us from the wicked who by foolishness and malice seek the death of countless people worldwide. Turn all their plans against them and all their wisdom into foolishness. Save us and all those they manipulate and deceive. Lord, in you alone we trust.

Amen and amen

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