Christopher Nathaniel

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Christopher Nathaniel

Son I remember when I kissed you when you cried and held you tightly to me. You were just a baby boy, a shining gift from God. Everytime that you were hurt, I tried to love you whole.

Now you’re lying in this bed and there’s nothing but the waiting. Doctors say that it’s the end and it’s time to say goodbye. I want hold you in my arms and wake you from this night. But though my prayers were heard, Jesus says it’s time.

I won’t pretend to understand why you suffered as both boy and man. You felt so deeply others pain and were their kindest friend. Why oh why is it you that’s gone, when I should be the one?

So Son, I’m lying here next to you to say goodbye and that I love you. Jesus says he loves you too and he wants to bring you home.

So Son, my gift, my life I kiss you one last time.

It’s my last kiss, til the next one, when we meet in heaven. It’s my last kiss till we walk on those streets of gold. Father God, please keep him for me, I’ll be there when its appointed.

It’s my last kiss til the next one, when the morning comes.

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