Prayer Today

Proverbs 24 on those who are evil. Pro 24:1-2 ULB 1 Do not be envious of those who are evil, nor desire to associate with them, 2 because their hearts plot violence and their lips talk about trouble. Pro 24:15-16 ULB 15 Do not lie in wait like the wicked person who attacks the house […]


Aphorisms on Liberty

Say it with aphorisms. Free men will fight for their liberty, but slaves will not. So if a slave fights, he is already free. Liberty is not porn and pot. Liberty is much praised and rarely treasured. True liberty is greatly praised, and not at all understood. When Mammon is the master, the people are… […]

Adoring the Word

Hallelujah! Let Us Sing!

Modern Christians often speak about the cross, but for the early church it was the resurrection and the reign of Christ. Without the resurrection there would be mercy, but there would be no grace. Without the reign, there would be no justice. Jesus lives and Jesus reigns and so we have hope, an earnest expectation […]

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